Monday, November 14, 2011

All good things

I really felt glad about this day, the first official day of the second semester, S.Y. 2011-2012. Since I started it with a grin on my face, and had some cutesy bonding with my baby (Bryle) before I leave for school! My everyday class starts at 9am, so I am having a wide time to prepare for myself (and my assignments too, whenever I miss one). The good thing about this? I won't be late for the whole semester(aside from my ROTC class which starts at 7am every Saturday, perhaps). Yay! I had new classmates, most of them came from Class D, which was diminished because of numerous students who transferred and/or shifted on other courses. Fingers-crossed, I am hoping to get flat 1 as what I had promised on my Mom. I believe it would give me some intellectual challenge, which would actually gain esteem on my part when I achieve this(and material gift as well, hopefully. HAHAHA)

Another thing: Bryle had his haircut done yesterday at Jem's. We had a hard time holding him since he felt uneasy with the barber. Obviously, he is only a year old and he doesn't know how to behave yet! Everyone in the salon stares and chuckles at him as he go wild as the barber cuts his hair. He temporarily stops his tantrums whenever I show him the newspaper with a huge photo of Manny Pacquiao (congrats to him, anyway). Well, to make the story short, the barber hadn't finish his haircut after his major-major tantrums. But it turned out okay anyway, his hair doesn't seem to look unfinished (although you will notice it when you stare at it for a long while).

Yesterday, as we stroll around Gaisano, I saw the thing I craved for months now - LOAFERS. Yes, you got that right, and I mean BROWN LOAFERS. I saw this anywhere - at malls, boutiques, even online shops. But seldom will I see Suede-textured brown loafer shoes. I actually don't like those common loafers sold at most shops I'm lurking into. I quickly grabbed the shoes I saw and tried it on my feet, and it looked so perfect I can almost leave the mall without taking it off, no joke. This may be unbranded, low-quality or cheap, but I solemnly swear not to tear or ruin or break(whatever the right term is) this dream-shoes I currently had. #fingerscrossed 


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