Monday, April 23, 2012

Libod Bacolod | Day 1

Dumangas Port

Talk about SUPER LATE! I have been so caught up on other things that I haven’t had the time to focus on this blog. Blogging isn’t even on today’s agenda but I’m much excited on uploading photos here and on Facebook. I’ve mainly been faffing online instead of ticking off stuff on tonight’s to-do list. Dafuq, considering that I had missed Facebook and 9Gag for three days. 

L-R: Raoul, Vangie, Mermer, Am, Meann, Jaiun, Kimberly
Our journey to Bacolod City started at 4:00am on Tuesday, Feb 21st and lasted for FIVE FREAKIN’ HOURS. It wasn't my first time to go to Bacolod but first time @ Mambukal and ze lazy me didn’t bother to do any prior research about the resort. In my ignorance, I had this silly idea that Mambukal was like Springhills or Lolet's Ecopark. Lulz. I was in for a surprise, especially after finding out about the rumored-supernatural beings on the place.

I took this photo 10 minutes after Ro-ro left :)
1st Stop: Convergys

Am & Kimberly
Took a quick shot before entering the building. We seemed to fall in line for an audition or something. LOL
It was apparently my 1st time to have a tour around a call center company. Unfortunately, no cameras allowed upon entering the building. We got frustrated but we have no choice but to follow the weirdo-hilarious rule. Kim and I couldn't get over how the staffs toured us around every PANTRIES. Hey hey, what can we actually get from your canteens?

2nd Stop: Lunch
Not quite sure what the place is, but we did enjoy eating our buffet lunch :) Trivia: gluttony is strictly prohibited!

With the hottest guy on earth! Photo © Evy Yap
3rd Stop: USLS
I have been expecting to see friends but unfortunately I wasn't able to meet them. We had fun roaming around the campus anyway.

One of the most amazing ITC I have ever seen.
4th Stop: Sweet City Captel

We finally got the chance to temporarily rest and take quick showers before dinner :)

L-R: Am, Kimberly, Mac
Dinner: Bacolod Chicken Inasal

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