Monday, April 23, 2012

Libod Bacolod | Day 2

I hate how Twitter has been down for days. And I admit, I haven't update my account for months and months. I felt a little disappointment, because the moment I missed Twitter and tried posting tweets, it took long to respond. It sucks, though.

So I am urged to continue my previous post, regarding our Bacolod trip and we're down on Day Two!
Front view of the Captel

I took a quick shot before we leave Sweet City Captel, the awesome place were we slept during our first night. I forgot to mention, we had a long night and we got wasted (uh-huh, perfectly wasted) with what we drank. Sorry, I can't post photos, they're too private to flaunt. HAHAHAHA! Anyways, I am so thankful to the two Kims (Kim and Kimberly), who fixed the room and took care of us right after we drank since everyone was wasted and asleep. You guys. #roflmao

Took this shot beside LCC, not sure about the place.
Our bus stopped at a Catholic church for the others to attend the mass (since it was Ash Wednesday, not sure with the exact place). So non-Catholic students like me had a chance to roam around the City Plaza and I was just so surprised with the person I saw! He was a good friend for almost 6 years and we swear we haven't had a communication during that day so we are in the state of shock the moment we saw each other.

Mesmerized by this shot. I myself couldn't believe I took this! :)

We just don't like how the factory smelled like, but nonetheless, I got amazed on how the cocoons turned into silk threads. Plus the fact that Oisca is one of the biggest silk farm in the Philippines.

Want one?
2nd Stop: Panaad Park & Stadium
An 'incomplete' group photo. Where are the sophomores, anyway?
L-R: Jauin, Meann, Vangie, Kimberly, Mermer, Am, Kim, Raoul
This is definitely one of the funniest photos I have ever taken. lulz
The ever dynamic advisers!
A photo with me, finally! L-R: Kimberly, Mermer, Raoul, Kim, ME, Am, Evy
L-R: Am, Kim, ME, Kimberly. Photo © Evy Yap
3rd Stop: Coca-Cola
Am took the photo, I think.
Wasn't able to take photos in this place. I was on migraine + cameras are prohibited. One thing I have learned: newly packed Coca-cola bottles aren't actually good in taste. They should be stored in fridges for months. HAHAHAHAHA DAFUQ!

4th Stop: MAMBUKAL

I was on agony on our way to Mambukal, so as soon as we reached the place and upon entering our respective rooms, I can't help but to take shower and a nap so I haven't got the chance to roam around the resort. Fortunately, Am and the others borrowed my camera so they took some view shots. Kudos and a big thanks to them!

Am did took this awesome shot!

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