Thursday, April 26, 2012

Libod Bacolod | Day 3

Flaunting my new Tumblr look, hahaha! © Max Davis. I just want to have a clean and minimal layout for my photoblog, and I think Max Davis' Neptune theme suits what I have been looking for. I don't need to tweak it anymore, the theme is just so perfect.

Back to the main topic, I wasn't able to post our Day 3 photos on Facebook, because I apparently consider it boring. Uh-huh, aside from leaving the beautiful resort and going back to Roxas, I haven't took much photos because I really, really felt a little disappointment considering that we'll be leaving the fun at Bacolod and what we'll have in our minds are bare memories.

L-R: Am, Meann, Jaiun
My colleagues surely felt the same way too. :/
Lunch @ Bacolod Chicken Inasal
L-R: Kim, Am, Mermer, Raoul, Kimberly. PS: See if you can find me :)))))

*too lazy to put photo captions.

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