Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunkissed 2013: Boracay, Day 1

An update!

Talk about an unplanned hiatus. I haven’t been in the mood to blog for almost a year. I’m still not in the mood to blog so I’m just going to dump a bunch of photos I took this summer.

It was sunny and hot when we arrived in Boracay, Sunday afternoon, and as we pulled into Noe's Cottage, I almost cry to pray for a drizzle. After checking in and settling in, we went to D'Mall, ate our lunch at three in the afternoon, and had a long walk on the shore.

Oh, boy. It was really as hot as hell. I went back to the room to rummage through my backpack, looking for my sunblock. No shit, I forgot to bring it.

For 3,500 a night, our two rooms had 3 double-deck beds, air-conditioning (but wasn't cool enough), our own kitchen and bathroom. It had a TV but the reception was terrible. So I didn't have a choice but to stay the whole afternoon, talk to someone over the phone, wishing to go back to Roxas since I got nothing to do yet.

'Til evening came.

We ate our dinner at the cottage's dining hall. I bet this is way better than taking a death march to D'mall just to eat. So friends bought the ingredients for the menu at D'talipapa (I didn't knew why Boracay had to have that 'D' thing), and cooked dinner at the kitchen.

We had chicken sarciado courtesy of Aerol, Marianne and Angela.

See my lens mug tumbler? We had an unforgettable experience with such. Nong Geed(third left, sitting) saw it at the fridge, thought it was the real DSLR lens, scolded us for placing it there, had a long sermon speech while wiping the 'lens' with Wendy's bath towel, and unfortunately, while we're laughing, he slowly opened it, and the soda spilled itself out of the tumbler, and had Wendy's towel soaking wet. We couldn't help but to scream and laugh our asses out!

One fair and fun thing about our excursion was the groupings regarding the dish-washing and cooking.

Right after dinner, these guys had the candy-stick-eating-contest. I joined once, and yes, I had fun. We went to the shore and they swam while Karl, Raymart and I enjoyed playing the white, fine sand.

Me-he. Happy kid.

Thought the night's about to end, so I took a shower. But friends said that we need to enjoy the night, and so we did.

First stop: Club Paraw. I enjoyed my first few minutes of dancing and partying here, until someone spilled the beer over the dance floor. Ugh, we seemed drunk and wasted. Few more minutes later, someone from my behind started shouting and it turned out that two white dudes are actually having a fight. That stopped us from dancing and decided to shift to another party place.

Guilly's Island was pretty much more enjoying, well probably because most of the goers are Filipinos(less-gulo) and the beats are way too enthusiastic and fun to dance with. I wasn't boozed, but I got wet and wild dancing with the neon lights and the people I'm with.

As soon as we got tired, we had our late midnight food trip at Andoks, just across Club Paraw. And I was this wasted:

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