Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunkissed 2013: Boracay, Day 2

Good morning, Boracay.

For our second day, few folks went to McDonalds to buy fries, and we had corned beef. Instant cooking has always been a routine for breakfast.

After breakfast, and a few hours of rest, Raymart, Bobby and I were assigned to buy stuffs needed for lunch at D'Talipapa (here we go again with the D). We decided to walk through the sunny sand and take pictures of some views we might see.

Creepy frog buddy bag. I had second thoughts of buying this, though.

At 3 p.m., we had an activity wherein we have to go out of the cottage, blindfolded, and do three certain tasks.

We waited for almost 30 minutes before we undo our blindfolds. Imagine us, having no idea where to go, and what to do for half an hour.

Free, at last! The guys who facilitated this game gave the instruction finally. Each one of us should ask two foreigners (a male and a female) to have a certain sheet of paper signed, ask three different people for a peso, and shout "I love the Hillside Echo" three times. Nakaka-hiya, but we had fun! And oh, we are assigned to do this within ten minutes. Kudos, I made it!

We made a surprise tribute for the graduates, and as to this, we made lanterns out of paper bags and candles, encircling our place at the shore. I'd rather not post more photos of the happenings, 
most of us were teary-eyed. Everything was sentimental and touching.

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