Monday, June 9, 2014

The Comeback.

I believe that it's a good way to start a thing(all over again), when you're heart-broken. Hah! It may sound funny, but, yeah. I currently am into the stage of agony. But I won't say much about that. I came back to blogging (public blogging, to be exact) in addition to my kind-of-a busy schedule. Lesser leisure time means lesser time to think deep, right? So there you go.

Holler! I'm finally back. And it's really good to go back to where I totally belong. I miss how I chit-chat and say about anything and everything under the sun to no one. I mean, it's funny how I write rants and raves and would not dedicate it to anyone. It's like writing a diary and make it publicized. Well, that's the concept of blogging and I'm hands up to that. It has been my life since high school, and as I "reconcile", I'm really having a good feeling about it.

So, enough of my being overwhelmed about my comeback. Today's Monday, and it's Minimal Monday! Yaaay. That's how I mainly describe myself. I'm not really into much decors about every thing. When it comes to color, I'd like to have 2-3 colors, specifically white, and black. Not to mention MAROON. Gaaah, I'm obsessed with that tone.

Talk about my new interface, it speaks much about how I appreciate minimalism. And I'm planning not to change this for about a couple of years.

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